Being Presently Aware

Do you ever feel like you are not taking in life in fully?
Is taking the time to breathe properly a challenge?
Do you feel conscious of your life’s decisions, or are many of your decisions habit?
Do you sometimes feel like a robot, or a disorganised robot in training?

While you may not be able to get out of the rut of life, you may be able to learn to cope with it. Taking a time out doesn’t always seem like an option – but prioritising time to just ‘be’ is just as important as prioritizing time to get a work project done.

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The role of the Mind & Metaphysics in relation to disease & healing

Have you ever heard people talking about illness or disease being ‘all in the mind’? How often have people been diagnosed with more serious diseases or illness after a tragic incident?

We are holistic beings – our mind and bodies work together to create an outcome and they work together in order for us to live and create the life that we are living.There is also another more ‘mystical element’ that plays a role in our lives, most holistic health practitioners would call this the spirit or the innate energy source within us. From my research and studies, I would say that the spiritual part of health and disease would be metaphysics. Metaphysics is a difficult term to explain in a few words.

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