How the Face can reveal the state of your Health

The face can give you a lot of insight into the health and emotional state of a person.  We know from conventional medicine that, for example, yellow sclera of the eyes indicated liver and gall bladder problems; paleness around the lips and mucous membranes and around the eyes indicates anaemia; and hair on the upper lip of women indicated insufficiency of the reproductive glands.[1]

Without having any medical knowledge, most of us can tell when someone is upset, happy, tired and stressed just by looking at a person’s face.

facial expressions.jpg

Reflexes are not only mapped out on the feet – but also on the hands, ears and face.  Our meridians (the bodies’ energy channels carrying our vital life force – this energy enables us to live and breathe and for our body to communicate with itself) also run through the face.

Reflexologists may not work on the face, but they use the face as an assessment tool to get insight as to what is imbalanced or congested in the patient’s body.

A combination of reflexology and TCM[2] (Chinese medicine) may help us better our understanding of underlying causes of blemishes, acne, the tone of our skin and other facial issues and conditions.

We can access aspects of the face such as blemishing, swelling, lines and colour to gain insight as to what is happening in the body – a few of these ‘signs’ overlap with conventional medicine. The major difference comes in the treatment.

There is an abundance of information, from different sources, on facial diagnostics: TCM face reading (elements and meridians), facial reflexology, allopathic signs and symptoms, and tissue salt facial analysis. For this post I have tried to combine all this and give examples of the most common conditions and what they are telling you, so that you can have a better understanding of what is going on in your body by examining the face.

The following pictures are representations of the reflex organs on the face, and the meridians that penetrate through the face.

Map of the Reflexes on the face:


Meridians that penetrate the face:


Meridians that run through the face also penetrate major body organs.

When doing facial visual assessments, the therapist looks at both the reflexes and the meridians to help identify what may be happening in the body, where there is congestion or disease.

There are many different conditions affecting the face from acne to hair follicle deformities.[3]

Most commonly, therapists observe simple signs such as pigmentation changes, a certain colour hue, acne, lines / wrinkles and inflammation.

First one needs to identify the area that is affected. Then look at the reflex organ that it represents (e.g – the upper cheeks represent the stomach and under the eyes are the kidneys)[4].

Note if this condition is chronic, persistent or acute. If the condition is chronic, are there any long standing issues with the organ? If the organ is not affected, the meridian may be congested, a reflexologist trained in meridian therapy or an acupuncturist may be able to help you identify your symptoms of congestion in the meridian effecting that reflex, organ or body system.

If the condition flares up and then goes away, but often reoccurs, note if there is any condition you have that flares up and down in your body.

If the condition is acute (severe and sudden), have you experienced any sudden and sever outbreak of disease? There may be a temporary imbalance in your system either affecting the organ or the meridian.

Generally, this is what some blemishes mean[5]:

  • Redness = high acidity in the body
  • Acne = congestion or toxic build up in the body
  • Inflammation = inflammation in that area of the body
  • Different hues to the skin.
  • Yellow hue = imbalance of the stomach / spleen and pancreas organs / meridians
  • Green hue to the face (or green / yellow) liver or gall bladder organ or meridian imbalance
  • Blue / black hue to the face – kidney / bladder organ or meridian imbalance
  • White hue to the face – lung / colon imbalance

A child’s face with a white hue, often has allergies affecting the lungs or colon. A child’s face which is very red usually is very acidic – eating the wrong foods.

Specific conditions related to the organs / elements[6]

The lungs / Colon (metal element):

  • White hue to the face
  • Bleeding nose
  • Rosy cheeks or broken capillaries of cheeks OR brownish cheeks

The Stomach & Spleen / pancreas (earth element):

  • Sty in lower eyelid
  • Unusual blemishes of cheeks
  • Acne along jaw line
  • Grooves, lines and mustaches on upper lip (women)
  • Swollen, dry or cracked lips
  • Yellow hue
  • Horizontal grove / swelling over bridge of nose

The Heart & small intestine (fire element):

  • Reddish / blue swollen tip of nose
  • Cleft in nose
  • General redness of facial complexion
  • Vertical groove in the ear

The Kidney, adrenals / bladder (water element):

  • Dark blue rings under the eyes
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Deep lines from corner of eyes down across the cheeks
  • Upper eyelid sty
  • Acne of the forehead

The Liver & Gall bladder (wood element):

  • Blemishes affecting upper lateral cheekbones
  • Discolouration of face
  • Facial warts & moles
  • Watery / dry eyes
  • Horizontal lines or grooves in forehead
  • Horizontal curve across chin
  • Dimples in chin
  • Grooves from mouth to corner down chin (sad lines)

Why don’t we all get it?

Most common allopathic causes of many of these conditions are imbalance in sebum secretion, pollution, imbalanced hormones, stress and genetics. But why don’t we all get it in the same places? And why are people’s blemishes different and in different areas?

Sometimes these conditions go away with creams and allopathic medications. This often just masks the condition and it may reappear – chronic condition brewing. Once the condition goes away naturally, the underlying cause has probably healed, or in the process of healing.

The bottom line is that we need to make changes to our health, related to the specific organ or body system that is congested or under stress.

Our bodies give us many clues as to what is happening inside our bodies in the form of visual symptoms or symptoms of pain or discomfort. We need to learn how to listen to our bodies’ signs so that we can help our bodies to heal themselves.

listen to your body.jpg

Disclaimer – This article is not intended to self-diagnose or to replace medical treatment. It is for information purposes only, to help you better understand the bodies’ warning signs and listen to your body.

[1] Anon. (05/11/2016) Hirsutism. Mayo Clinic. Retrieved: 01/02/2017..

[2] TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine

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[6] For more information on the Elements & meridians, refer to article:




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