Why are people avoiding grains and gluten?

For today’s short post I wanted to give you some information about one major reason (that many people are unaware of) why western the world is going grain and gluten free: because grains are not prepared correctly. Conventional and ‘convenient’ mass produced food items are definitely not prepared correctly for proper nutrient availability (not to mention the load of chemical additives), and people have forgotten how to prepare grains correctly, or they just don’t have the time.

Grains contain high amounts of phytic acid, which inhibits enzyme and nutrient activation and availability. Cooking then is not enough to break down the phytic acid. We have to soak them, or make a sourdough.

I have found some very useful links about phytic acid and why we should soak our grains and eat sourdough breads:

Ancient grains own

If you don’t have time to read these articles, basically, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes contain phytic acid. This makes the grain / nut / seed or legume dormant – including the beneficial nutrients and enzymes that it contains. It also makes it difficult to digest them. It is important to soak / sprout grains, nuts, seeds and legumes to activate these beneficial enzymes and nutrients.

Lately I have been working a lot with Table Top Culinary, a professional catering and health foods company, to help plan and develop ways in which we can make the food as healthy and possible. (For ‘conventional foods’ too.)

This takes a lot of planning and time, not so much hands on time as planning time. Planning is a fundamental key in health foods. i.e. if you want to make bread, it takes about 4 days.


Here’s what makes Table Top Culinary different:

They do the following to make their food more nutritious:

  • Soak / sprouts nuts and seeds (for their bars, brownies, nut ‘cheeses’, etc )
  • They make soaked, dehydrated granola
  • They make sourdough breads with stone ground flours –  white, whole wheat, rye, gluten free
  • Coconut flour breads
  • Gluten free baking

It’s through the passion for delicious food and health that Table Top Culinary was developed.

ttc dehyrated granola
Table Top Culinary_Sprouted and Dehydrated oats granola  

Table Top Culinary knows how rushed and busy life can be, and that people, with their good intentions, do not always have the time to plan and prepare healthy food.

Table Top Culinary is still in developing stages with their menus and custom menus are welcome.

At the moment you can visit their website to view some of their more conventional menus with a healthy twist to cater for a wider audience.

What makes the healthy twist? Their breads and pancakes are sourdough; gluten free options are available; substitute couscous / rice with quinoa / millet and they use homemade sauces.

I would just like to note that Table Top Culinary is not against any kind of ‘natural’ food (i.e. food free of additives, chemicals, GMO’s, etc). It is the way you prepare the food that makes the difference.


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